Welcome. Take a seat. Settle in.

I write the silky, sassy words that get you noticed.


You’re here for a reason – I’m guessing you’re after some silky smooth copy. Or a little push in the right social media direction. Welcome, friend.

I want to connect with your why, how and what so I can write the copy that tells the story. So I can ensure you’re planning and sharing, relevant content. So together, we can engage with the people (YOUR people) that you want to attract.

I’m leaving the big decisions in your hands….Choose your own adventure.

  • Read my blogue. It’s full of the goods – tips and tricks to improve your copy, my obsession with lists (it’s a thing, I swear) and a healthy dose of what’s happening in my personal life. Because sharing’s caring and who doesn’t love a dash of voyeurism? (That’s right, no one).
  • Buy Me. Not in a Pretty Woman way. In an “I write copy in exchange for money / puppy cuddles*” way. If you’re after conversational content with a dash of personality that invites your customers to the party, I’m your gal. Need help with your website, newsletters, social media, bestie’s birthday card? Hit me up buttercup. (I’m particularly skilled on the birthday card front).

Hang out with me. I’m keeping it short and sweet here, but head to my About for more of me, or you know, stalk me on the gram. You know you want to.

*Services are exchanged for currency only. But I LOVE puppy cuddles.