I’m Soie Alice, the name behind…the name.

If you didn’t find me here, or here, read on for a sneak peek about me.

I live in the land of humidity, otherwise known as Brisbane. Strange turn of events, as I’m sure I should’ve been born in Alaska. Yet, here I am, over a decade later. Sweating. In winter. I’ll trade my mushrooms for your olives. Or you can take them for free. Win me over with gin, anything with truffles, or better yet, your pet.

I kind of love flamingoes. Did you know they get their colour from their diet? Imagine if we became the colour of the things we ate?!

As far as I can tell, my writing career started with the creation of my own bridal magazine, age 7. Yep. I wrote it. Drew the designs. Bound it (had to cut back on print costs, obviously).

While I’ve branched out from the bridal mag industry, I’m still writing. These days I’m a copywriter, for all channels (I don’t discriminate). Lucky for you, I’m a bit of a double threat. I also manage social media for business.

Want silky words in print? I’m your gal. Need blog content with personality or that all-important authority? Oh, haaai. No idea where to start with social media? Need guidance or someone to do all the work on strategy, content plans, advertising and community management? Knock, knock. Me, again.

You could say my finger is on the button. All of the buttons.

I wasn’t always this cool (false: I’ve always been cool). I started out as an admin b*tch. Probably because I loved the sound of tapping a keyboard furiously.

Ready to work with me? Hit me up buttercup.

Not quite ready? Stick around. Head to my blogue for handy tips and maybe a story or two about my obsession with red lips. Or, invite me to live in your social land, here and here.