Just another lost and directionless millennial. Writer. Poet. Eater of foods. Maker. Daydreamer. Nightdreamer. Megababe.

Feel like getting to know me in bullet points? Good.

  • Impossibly sassy. (Not even exaggerating).
  • Lost some of the magic. Busy AF trying to make up for it. Find it. Create it.
  • One tattoo (and counting).
  • I eat foods. I make foods. I also drink the drinks. (Gin is a favourite.)
  • Love making lists (obviously). The love runs deep.
  • Ice queen in the streets. Super emotional, romantic in the sheets. Yeah look, #complicated.
  • Also big on sarcasm. May not always translate.
  • Someone notice me. (Occasionally needy).
  • Big on the cruelty-free train.
  • Realising I have a very blessed, privileged life. Trying to check my privilege at the door.
  • Lover of women. Romantically. Platonically. Inspirationally. It’s time to share more of the stage.
  • I have a thing about rescuing. Mostly animals. Sometimes humans. (Depends on my mood.)

So, let’s get to know each other, yes?

Drop me a line. Tell me all about your epic self. What you’re dreaming of. Where you are and where you were. Tell me what you ate for dinner. Go on, I dare you.

Hang out with me on the gram, if you aren’t already.