Get to know me

I’m Soie Alice, the name behind…the name.

(It’s pronounced So-ie… but if you opt for a French accent and pronounce it ‘swah’, it translates as silk… dots joined.)

I live in the land of humidity (Brisbane), but my spirit animal is a penguin. Go figure.

I’m a copywriter for all channels – I don’t discriminate. You want silky words in print? I’m your gal. Need blog content with just a little bit of sass? Oh, haaai.

I ALSO manage social media – strategy, content, campaigns and community engagement. You could say my finger is on the button. All of the buttons.

I wasn’t always this cool (false: I’ve always been cool). I started out as an admin b*tch. Probably because I loved the sound of tapping a keyboard furiously. And being bitchy.

Along the way I discovered I could use my writing skills for good – mine and yours (hello increased open and click through rates *waves*).

You should totally work with me. Tell me your dreams and I’ll tell your story.

Not ready yet?


  • Writing – for pay and play. I get paid for my copywriting skills and social media prowess. On my time, I write tiny poems. Small enough to fit on a post it note.
  • Rescue animals. Senior rescue animals are my weakness.
  • Reading. Send me your suggestions. Books, blogs etc that rocked your world.
  • Gin. This is a solid theme. I make no apologies. I’m on a mission to fill my house with gin from around the world. Send me your suggestions. Better yet, send me your gin.
  • Eating. I’ll never understand (or date) a person who thinks of food as fuel.
  • Being me. Gone are the days where I give ANY fucks about what others think.

Let’s take a pause – what do you love? Teeell meeeee.

Projects in my pile:

  • This site. My next quarterly magazine. Social media.
  • Train travel and destination based articles for web and print.
  • The amazing project you’re hiring me to write. See what I did there?
  • Finding a new favourite cafe to adopt me every weekend. So I can eat, obviously.

Want to be my friend or work with me? I get it. Follow the link trail and see which one you get!