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Teller of stories. Copywriter. Social media player and grower. Writing is my happy place. Gin is my soul sister. Red lipstick is my jam. Otters are my spirit animal. Lover of rescue animals. Hater of mushrooms (I stand by this).

My first official confession

I’ve had an extremely emotional week. Rivers pouring down my face, heart heavy kind of emotional. A week of feeling inconsolable. I was away from home for work. Which meant very little sleep. The trip was in some ways, enlightening. In that I realised I’m not using my skills or my time in a way […]



I’m not like the other blogs. I’m a cool blog. I mean, there’s a reason I rhyme with Vogue. (That’s what I’m telling myself.) Let’s just call it a place to share my confession sessions. When I gave confessions to share again. If nothing else, it’s a journal. That you’re allowed to read. Oooh saucy. […]