Work with Me

Let’s work it out.

You need a thing – copywriting / social media help.

I have the thing – copywriting / social media help.

I don’t know about you, but this feels like it could be a match made in HEAVEN.

  • Need silky, sassy words that invite people to your party and bring gifts (a.k.a. they buy your stuff)? Hi there, I write copy.
  • Already got the words sitting on your website, but they’re not really pulling their weight? I adore proofing AND editing.
  • Lost your way with your brand messaging? Nailing the tone of voice is my jam.
  • After a plan to get from A to Z (why stop at B)? I’m pretty tight with content planning and strategy. 
  • Need a social media lighthouse to guide you and your business away from rocky shores? I’m your gal, prepared for all weather conditions.


I don’t want to brag, but I write every day AND I get paid for it. I’ve been in the copywriting and marketing game since the winter of 2012. Not a particularly cold winter, if I recall correctly. Social Media is a fairly recent baby for me – we’re sitting at two really fun, fast-paced years (kind of like raising a toddler, right…).

I write for two quarterly print magazines, blogs, eDMs, websites, voice over scripts and of course, for that wayward toddler, social media. I’m also a dab hand at content strategy and planning, so if you’re after that holistic / whole of view approach to big upping you, your small business or creative project, I’m your gal.

My words have wound their way through not for profits, the education sector, pharmaceutical industry, real estate (a particularly dark time, am I right?), building and construction, travel and tourism, lifestyle and even those retirees we’re so envious of! So you could say, I’m kind of versatile (phew!)

BUT – I get particularly passionate when small businesses, not for profits and creatives ask me to work with them. So if that sounds like you… come at me.

Why? Because you work hard (and by hard, I mean HARD) to get your amazing work out there and I want to be the one to help tell the story of why and how you exist in this big, beautiful world.

Think we could be the perfect fit? Hit me up buttercup!