FAQs for You

Need to dig a little deeper? It’s cool, I like to research too.

What the hell is “Soie” (and how do I say it)?!

So-ie is my nickname (yep me, the one with the skills). Pronounced ‘swah’ it translates as ‘silk’ in French. So French-y, so chic. Language lesson complete. Dots joined. (You’re welcome.)

What’s House of Soie about?

House of Soie is your home for all things copywriting (read: words that connect you and your purpose, with your people), social media-esque (note: this covers social media content, strategy, advertising and community management)… and all things Soie (me). That’s right. It’s my house. Welcome, friend.

I deliver the silky copywriting, engaged purpose and the focused, insightful strategy to help you get your business or project, where you need it to be.

What’s the story…why House of Soie?

It started with a bridal magazine. At 7 years old, I began researching, drawing, binding and writing the stories of my own bridal magazine. This was the first of maaaany writing projects. Writing is what brings me the happy. Social media gets my brain ticking in a different way. I wanted a place to bring all of my loves together to hang out and make magic happen.

Why should I work with you?

Straight to the point. I like, I like. I’m interested in your story – your purpose, your why, where you want to be. Of course I want you to be searchable and find-able (hello SEO). Before #storytelling was the latest buzzword for content marketers and social media-types (I am one, reeelaaax), it was all that I was about. I don’t want formulaic copywriting to land in my inbox. And I don’t want to be responsible for writing it. I’ll connect with your why, how and your what and I’ll write the copy, plan the content, or get strategically social, so that the people you want to connect with your purpose, do.

What’s the money catch?

You’ve got two options kid and they both depend on you. Have a look at my rates page – if you’re dipping your toe in or need to unload that overflowing bag of commitments, pick a package that works for you. You’ll know exactly what you’re dealing with in terms of those dollar dollar bills.

If you go for the tailored approach, to suit your unique project then drop me a line, request a quote or tee up a time for an obligation-free, 15min chat. Which is also free. Double the free. Ooh, that looks good on you!

Any parting words?

When you visit House of Soie, whether for research, to join forces or because you feel like hanging out somewhere cool, I want you to feel like you’ve wandered into my living room and popped a bottle of your favourite to catch up on the latest, while I cook up the flavoursome, spicy, impossibly more-ish’ words you and your people want to eat…er…read.

Still got burning questions you need answered? Hit me up buttercup.