FAQs just for You

What the hell is “Soie” (and how do I say it)?!

So-ie is my nickname (yeah me, the one with the skills). Pronounce it as ‘swah’ and it transforms into the French word for silk. So French-y, so chic. Language lesson complete. Dots joined. (You’re welcome.)

What’s House of Soie about?

House of Soie is your home for all things copywriting (read: words that connect you and your purpose, with your people), social media-esque (note: this covers social media content, strategy, advertising and community management – can I get an aaaa-women?!)… and all things Soie (me). That’s right. It’s my house. Welcome, friend. I deliver on the killer copywriting, engaged purpose and the focused, insightful strategy to help you get your business or project, where you need it to be. I’m also into oversharing, so I’ll probably drop some truth bombs about my love of gin or guilty pleasures (rom-coms, I’m talking about rom-coms people) from time to time. If you can’t be real on your own domain, where can you be?

What’s the story…why House of Soie?

Since my glory days as a 7 year old, researching, drawing, binding and writing the stories of my very own bridal magazine, the core thread in my life has been writing. Fortunately my efforts paid off – I get to write every single day, as well as play in the land of content and social media management and get paid for it.

Who’s the Soie behind the headline?

I love telling people “I’m layered. Not like an onion. Like gin.” (I’m all about those heady aromatics). By day I’m a social media manager and copywriter and by night, I’m exactly the same, except for clients and small businesses (just like you) who are working hard on their goals. I also write tiny poems and mini stories. I have an unholy love of perfume. I will shamelessly drop dollars on smelling beautiful (and on gin, always).

Get to know me over time. You know you want to. Find me on insta, soiealice. Go on, be a voyeur. Feel the feels.

Why should I work with you?

Straight to the point. I like, I like.

I’m interested in your story – your purpose, your why, where you want to be. Of course I want you to be searchable and find-able (hello SEO). But before #storytelling was the latest buzzword for content marketers and social media-types (I am one, reeelaaax), it was all that I was about. I don’t want formulaic copywriting to land in my inbox. And I sure as hell don’t want to be responsible for writing  it. I want to connect with your why, how and your what and I want to write the copy, plan the content and help you nail it, so that the people you want to connect with your purpose, do.

What’s the money catch?

You’ve got two options kid and they both depend on YOU. Have a look at my rates page – dip your toe in or loosen up that overflowing bag of commitments and pick a package that works for you (which will be me, working for you). You’ll know EXACTLY what you’re dealing with in terms of those dollar dollar bills.

If you go for the tailored approach (ooh, that looks good on you!) for work that perfectly complements your killer cheekbones, then hit send on that quote button or tee up a time for an obligation-free, 15min chat. Which is also free. Double the free!

Any parting words?

You know that friend, we’ve all got her (maybe YOU are her)… she’s effortlessly cool. Her house is eclectic – she pairs silk with an urban feel in one room and a chilled hippy vibe in the next. She serves bizarre flavour concoctions that just work. And she always gives great advice. You LOVE her. How could you not?

When you click your way through House of Soie, whether for research, to collaborate or just because you feel like hanging out with someone cool, I want you to feel like you’ve kicked your shoes off, wandered into my living room and popped a bottle of your favourite to catch up on the latest, while I cook up the flavoursome, spicy, impossibly more-ish’ words you and your people want to eat…er…read.

Still got burning questions you need answered? Hit me up buttercup.